Accent reduction training and group classes for professionals.

Accent reduction training helps you speak American English more clearly and with greater confidence. Be understood & achieve your goals!

Accent Reduction TrainingOneWorld Speech & Language Consulting, based in Minnesota, provides communication training for business and medical professionals who speak accented English and desire to increase their speaking confidence and clarity of American English through accent reduction.

IMPROVE your social and workplace communication with our customized individual and group classes for English pronunciation!

OneWorld Speech and Language Consulting customizes training programs to address the specific communication needs of clients in their working and social environments.

Building on English as a Second Language (ESL) skills, the goal of accent reduction is to enhance speaker confidence by removing the focus from how a person speaks to what a person is saying so that they can become more effective and efficient communicators.

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Employers and HR Managers

Your employees bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to your organization but communication and accent difficulties may interfere with their ability to meet their full potential. This may ultimately interfere with your company’s productivity and profitability. We can help!

Our Services

Evaluation & Program Design

Comprehensive evaluation is completed for all participants, defining specific speech and language issues affecting your communicative success, and providing the framework for your custom training program.

Individual Training

Individual training programs focus on improving your speech, on learning intonation patterns of American English, & understanding expressions and vocabulary that are specific to your work.

Group Training

Group training is appropriate for multiple clients from the same employer and includes customized programs for each client. Small and Large group training is available.

Additional Training Formats

Additional communication training formats are available either in conjunction with Accent Reduction training or as "stand alone" services.