Accent reduction training and group classes for professionals.


OneWorld Speech & Language Consulting is a Minnesota-based company providing accent reduction training to business and medical professionals. We offer customized individual or group training programs to address the specific communication needs of our clients. All training is provided by licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologists with specialized training and experience in the areas of accent modification and business communication.

Jodi DeToffolJodi DeToffol, founder of OneWorld Speech and Language Consulting and previous co-owner and founder of SpeechPros Consulting, has been providing accent and communication training services since 2003 and has been a practicing Speech Language Pathologist since 1998. She received her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Minnesota, is certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, and is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist in the state of Minnesota.

Ms. DeToffol is also certified by the Institute of Language to provide foreign accent modification with the Compton P-ESL program and is a Preferred Trainer through LDS and Associates to provide foreign accent modification with the Mastery of Effective English program. Over the years, Ms. DeToffol has assisted hundreds of individuals from varied backgrounds to improve their communication skills.  Ms. DeToffol has integrated her extensive experience as a speech pathologist in the medical setting with her expertise in accent training to develop customized programs that address the specific needs of accented speakers in business and healthcare settings.