Accent reduction training and group classes for professionals.


Does accent reduction also teach English?

Accent reduction builds on existing English skills. It is assumed that the enrollee has had English vocabulary and grammar training. Accent reduction primarily addresses the production and intonation of spoken English. (Did you know that intonation carries 60% of the meaning of what you say?) In addition, enhancement of language comprehension is addressed by educating the client about idioms and slang commonly heard in the United States.

Why would someone want to “get rid of” their accent?

It is important to understand that accent reduction does not eliminate a person’s accent. However, modification is important. Difficulties with communication can interfere with productivity and profitability. Professionals with an accent may struggle to make themselves understood, and their credibility may come into question. No matter how valuable the ideas, without clear oral presentation skills, these ideas may fail to be communicated with impact. As a result, proposals may not be approved, sales may be lost, co-workers and supervisors may become frustrated, you may lose your confidence in your abilities, or longtime customers may be dissatisfied.

Can I expect to sound just like my American co-workers?

Not likely. However, if you have attended the training sessions consistently and have completed homework as assigned, you can expect to sound significantly less accented and significantly more intelligible when speaking American English. You will also understand and utilize common workplace idioms. Newfound awareness of your speech will allow you to build on and strengthen the skills gained in training.

I’m from the southern US, and my accent is what people notice first. I want people to notice what I’m saying, not how I’m saying it. Could accent reduction work for me?

Speaking English with a recognizable regional accent is not necessarily a problem. However, if people occasionally have difficulty understanding you, or if your speech patterns interfere with your success on the job or with your social communication, you may wish to consider accent reduction.

Who can benefit from Accent reduction?

Our clients represent nationalities from all over the world. They fill a wide variety of vocations including consultants, medical professionals, teachers, actors, sales representatives, trainers, marketing professionals, bankers, and many other professionals. Anyone whose professional progress is hindered by their communication is a good candidate for the services of OneWorld.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are determined upon completion of initial consultation and evaluation when specific client needs can be better determined. Our all-inclusive rates are commonly funded through employer continuing education and training budgets. We offer a variety of programs to fit your needs and budget. Contact us for more information.

May I come back later to prepare for an important presentation at work or refresh my skills?

One or two sessions is sometimes all that are needed to refresh your American English accent for an important presentation, interview or speaking event.

I know someone else who could really use this service.

This recommendation, like the recommendation of a continuing education opportunity is a professional development recommendation. We all appreciate being informed of opportunities to better ourselves.

Why a Speech Pathologist?

Speech language pathologists are particularly well-suited to work in the area of accent modification. Speech language pathologists study all aspects of normal and disordered communication including the anatomy and physiology of the speech production mechanism. We are trained to determine what percentage of accent is based in English-learning issues and whether disorders of speech, language, voice, or learning are present. Our graduate level studies are complemented by a lifetime of learning as we fulfill continuing education required by state speech-language pathology licensing boards. Speech-language pathologists, having the consequent expertise in communication, are best positioned to take American English learning beyond the vocabulary to the art of effective spoken language.

How can I find out more about Speech Language Pathology or find a Speech Pathologist in my area?

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), our national professional organization, is an excellent resource for the public. Visit their consumer website home page ( to search for a qualified professional in your area. At click on “public,” then click on either “ProServ” or “referral service.” You may also call the ASHA Action Line (1.800.638.8255) to request a speech language pathologist by specialty and city. is another great public resource that allows you to request a speech pathologist by specialty and city.


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