Accent reduction training and group classes for professionals.

Evaluation & Program Design

Comprehensive Evaluation

A Comprehensive Evaluation is completed for all participants of  individual and group Accent Reduction training programs.  This evaluation:

  • Identifies speech and rhythm patterns that are making your speech different from Standard American English
  • Defines specific speech and language issues affecting your communicative success
  • Provides the framework for ensuing training
  • Includes formal and informal testing measures, analysis, documentation and communication of results and recommendations
  • Audio and sometimes video tape recordings utilized
  • Includes post-testing and outcomes reporting
  • Your specific needs and goals are discussed

Custom Program Design and Materials

Information gathered during the Comprehensive Evaluation is carefully analyzed and used to determine the key components of your unique training program.  Training begins with select pronunciation and intonation areas that will have the most impact on your intelligibility.  Materials are recommended based on your unique needs and goals and may include CD-ROM, audio recordings, and workbook(s).  Personalized practice recordings of problematic vocabulary words and phrasings specific to your work and social environments are provided.

All assessment and training is provided by a MN licensed and ASHA(American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist with specialized training and certifications in Accent Modification education.