Accent reduction training and group classes for professionals.

Individual Training

Individual, customized training programs focused on improving your speech, learning and practicing intonation patterns of American English, and idiomatic expressions and vocabulary that are specific to your work environment.

  • Number of sessions recommended usually range from 8 to 20 (average of 15)
  • Customized for you; one-on-one work with trainer
  • Focus on:
    • Improving production of specific speech sounds
    • Learning and practicing intonation patterns of American English
    • Idiomatic expressions and vocabulary specific to the your work environment are addressed as appropriate
    • Additional grammatical and/or expressive language work may be included as needed

All assessment and training provided by a MN licensed and ASHA(American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist with specialized training and certifications in Accent Modification education.